What is a sustainable home ?

In today’s world, in which environment-friendly homes are the next thing, architecture has also its own way to build greener homes called sustainable homes. Using the advanced method of building homes, builders responsibly conserve resources, minimize pollution and save the environment for our future generations.
In short, sustainable home designs ensure that the homes blend with nature. Sustainable homes impart the least negative impact on the environment, making them energy efficient with fewer carbon footprints. Sustainable homes are constructed in a way that they respect natural resources, optimize energy and water use, and last longer with quality systems. Sustainable homes use low-impact yet high-performance materials.
Sustainable homes take care of occupants’ comfort by using less energy to heat and cool and are more resilient to climate and weather extremes. They can be constructed of natural and recycled materials. These homes are designed to heat and cool themselves naturally as per the microclimate of the house, collect solar and wind power, harvest water from rain and snow and treat their own sewage.
Several types of sustainable homes are; tiny homes, passive homes, pre-fabricated homes and zero-carbon homes.

Importance of sustainable homes

Sustainable homes offer features that improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills that further reducing long-term energy costs and water consumption, making them the best longterm investment. Mentioned below are the major benefits of building sustainable homes
The choice between building a sustainable house and modifying your current home isn’t an easy task as building new structures puts costs on the environment. On the contrary, new buildings include the latest technologies and approaches that benefit the environment over a longer period of time. One may decide that the most cost-effective way to go is investing in modification through smart appliances to make your house sustainable.

Factors contributing to building a sustainable home

Using solar panels for power generation

Solar panels are the largest and cheapest source of renewable energy. Solar panels are constructed on rooftops, where they provide benefits by taking maximum sunlight during day hours. Also, solar panels should always be fitted in the southern direction as maximum sunlight can be optimally used. With a home of a rough area of 1000sqft, one requires a max. of 8-9 solar panels.

Using energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances and equipment use technologies that are less energy-intensive to reduce the amount of electricity used per product. As owners, energy-efficient appliances are essential to help you save money and energy, protect the environment, and enhance your lifestyle. Thus, the more energy-efficient appliances you use, the lower your utility bills will be, also protecting the environment from harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. One can have smart energy-efficient appliances and instruments such as smart lighting control systems, thermostats to control climate, energy management systems, and home energy monitors.

Maximizing the use of natural resources during construction

With the green building being the top priority all over the world, one can have finer homes with the use of natural materials such as bamboo, straw bale, recycled plastic, pre-cast concrete slabs, and reclaimed wood and steel. Such material moisture-resistant instantly helps reduce energy consumption in buildings and facilities. It also ensures Durability and requires less maintenance, thus saving on costs in the long term.

Adopting the method of rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting saves every drop of rainwater and reduces running off. Rainwater is collected from the rooftop and is directed through tubes or pipelines into a storage tank to save the remaining water, which can be further used for household chores. Most buildings that use rainwater harvesting systems have a catchment area on top of the roof like a storage tank, which has the capacity of collecting large volumes of water when there are rain showers. With the growing demand for water all over, this method is the best solution for your suitable home.

Bildy assists you in building a sustainable & a smart home

Bildy not only helps you build a home for you and your family’s security but also secures the mother earth and contributes to a cleaner Earth. It initiates you to take a smaller step to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth and make a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your children to live in.

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