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Building a Smart home

In the technology-driven world, we all carry smartphones or tablets. The old devices & gadgets are inefficient, and use more energy, hence contributing to carbon footprints. To build a sustainable future, smart home play a significant role! Bildy understands the importance of using smart appliances and gadgets at home to help customers avail the best of technology and comfort!
With the help of smart home techniques, people can leave their homes anytime, unattended, without worrying about trespassing .

Factors contributing to building a

Using the most advanced gadgets and appliances contributes to smart home living. Here are some advanced gadgets & appliances that we help you install in your home:

Smart door locks & Security systems

Smart televisions & air conditioners

Intercom system & CCTV Cameras

Smart lights & heating appliances


During Smart homes Building :

Bildy helps you pick and install the best appliances available in the market. For instance, using smart speakers with inbuilt smart assistants, such as Google, Siri and Alexa has made life simpler for people. A smart speaker can be used to control devices, just like our smartphone or tablet. You just got to say “turn on the television” and the smart speaker will tell your smart TV to turn on, for you to enjoy family time.

The Amazon Echo series and Google Home series have enhanced the concept of smart display and lighting, illuminating the home space. Just say “turn on the lights”, and the sensors automatically turn on the lights from your voice.

Building a Smart Home with Bildy

Smart home solutions are endless when it comes to creating a perfect smart homes. Selecting and installing an electrical appliance for the home can be a more difficult task than choosing a wall color or a perfect sofa. To simplify things and save your time, we help you find the best tech solutions for your home, and lifestyle, bringing in some benefits to your home as your ‘smart home’ building partner:


Control gadgets and appliances with just one click or voice command!
Beyond saving time for using an appliance, the smart home technology saves significant energy and electricity in your home, thus contributing to low carbon footprints !

Safety in Smart Homes

Using smart door locks & security system is the best way to keep your home safe while you are away. The security system prevents anyone from trespassing the property by alerting the owner on his/her smart device. With the help of smart home techniques, an owner can give access to people to enter their home, even if the owner is away !

Comfort in Smart Homes

Installing smart devices allows you to enjoy a maximum comfortable lifestyle, from controlling temperature to lighting, everything at your fingertips! You don’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to set a ‘perfect temperature’, you can simply use your smartphone to try different temperatures for your comfort.


You can have control of your home devices and appliances from any part of the world. You can turn on/off the lights, television, and fridge and check the security system of the house. Smart homes have truly brought convenience to our lifestyle, extensively contributing to modern living and lifestyle

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