Knockdown Rebuild And Renovation


Knockdown Rebuild Renovation

Why Choose Bildy For Rebuilding Your Home?

We assess critical factors while designing and rebuilding your home. Our team of experienced construction and design professionals, understand your requirements and help you rebuild a home of your choice. Mentioned below are some critical factors that Bildy considers while rebuilding your home:

Plan Your Space Usage

Knockdown Rebuild Renovation

We help you plan interior area depending upon your space requirements, accessibility and budget! Once we have discussed your requirements, we develop a 2D plan to present our ideas for utilising your home space

PLAN A budget

Knockdown Rebuild Renovation

Conduct a market research and get information beforehand regarding rates and prices, so that you are well informed before you build and choose the materials, and components as per your budget.

choose your year and season

Knockdown Rebuild Renovation

We decide spring or pre-winter season for your demolition to happen perfectly, without any hindrance of weather condition. However, if you have any time constraints then we help you build within your expected timeline

know age of your property

Knockdown Rebuild Renovation

It’s important to know the age of your present house, to check whether it can withstand the present house kind or not.

4 Benefits of Knockdown Rebuild Renovation


We help you to tailor your home design to meet your unique design needs. This is also one of the biggest benefits of Knockdown Rebuild Renovation. Bildy takes care of it and provides ultimate flexibility to your designs to have better control over the floor plan, room sizes, fixtures, and finishes.


You are fortunate if you own an old house! The old house has a good potential for property development. Rebuilding your home gives you the possibility to utilize your yard with larger living areas, kitchen, patio area, swimming pool, etc. Bildy helps you transform your existing old house into a lavish one!


With advanced materials, technologies and designs, you would want your house to look modern and contemporary! Newer home designs can drastically reduce your energy and water consumption. Bildy helps you explore modern ideas for house’s orientation, sustainability and greener design.


What could be better than staying in your neighbourhood and sharing good times with you neighbours in a newly rebuilt home of your choice? Bildy considers the surrounding environment and external stakeholders concerns to help you rebuilt your home in your existing locality so you could enjoy a modern living in the same neighbourhood!

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