Work Process


 and analysis hold of utmost importance in the home building process. It helps us understand the historical and present background of the site conditions and surroundings. It involves the extreme analysis and preliminary survey conducted by experts to better understand the site context. Site assessment carefully assesses the parameters such as existing natural vegetation, microclimate, soil suitability, water availability, and accessibility.



We choose the best suitable plan for the home design. Concerning microclimate, ventilation, light, vegetation, and a preliminary budget after conducting surveys and understanding the site considerations. Bildy chooses the best home plan, exterior façade, number of floors, rooms, and exterior elements, based on your needs and requirements. We help you understand the

process and assist you in creating the home design of your dreams.


Council Approval

The most important yet time taking work in the home building process is the approval from various concerned authorities. After deciding on the land, a preliminary home, a plan, and a budget, we then take the permissions from various mandate people. After receiving the documentation, the certifier review that the design complies with the National Construction Code, and applicable Australian Standards. After approving the project, you receive a copy of the decision notice, conditions of approval, and approved stamped drawings. We procure critical approvals such as building regulations permissions from the local authority and environmental consent.



After the council approvals in the home building process, we sign a contract with you to begin the project and start preparing the final drawings of the house. Our contract is quite comprehensive, containing all the necessary information pertaining to our discussion regarding budget, home design, and construction before the design development stage. This contract is signed before the building permit, we also sign a final contract after receiving the final building permit from the city council.



Bildy takes the building permit from the local authority for building your home, it is part of our

services! Written approval by a private or municipal building surveyor is a critical step in the

building process

Bildy and the client. The design development includes the site drawings, floor plans, all elevations, and 3D views (if agreed). The design development phase in the is an intermediate check between the conceptual design stage and working design stage. The stage is the transition from the development of a schematic concept to a better-defined architectural design. Bildy appoints an architect for your project with good experience in designing the home style of your choice. If you wish to hire your architect then we also collaborate with your architect throughout the

home . It secures safety, uniformity in design, and compliance with the law of construction.

We receive building permit after fulfilling all the legal requirements and local regulations.



Depending upon your preferred exterior and interior design, after the design development, we assist you with the material selection process. Our experts do the market research and look for the best material rates suitable for your home design. Materials selected for the fac ade, exteriors, walls, flooring, roof, and ceiling on the bases of factors including budget, microclimate, site, and sustainable trends. Material selection is an important step in our home building process and we welcome our client’s preferences and suggestions before purchasing the materials.



Bildy takes the building permit from the local authority for building your home, it is part of our services! A building permit is written approval by a private or municipal building surveyor and it is a critical step in the home building process. It allows the building work to be initiated after the plans, specifications, and other building documentation are approved. It secures safety, uniformity in design,

and compliance with the law of construction. It is issued once all the legal requirements and local regulations are fulfilled.



After submitting the final drawings to the contractor and the site inspector, we draft a final contract. The final contract is quite comprehensive. It contains the agreed package of services, inclusions, guarantees, overall budget, and Bildy’s fees throughout the home building process. We use advanced software such as Buildxact to ensure the precision of the cost estimate for building your home.



Site preparation involves a series of work such as blasting, test drilling, landfill, leveling, earth-moving, excavating, land drainage, etc. Removal of obstruction makes the job easier and increases ease of

access to the site for the laborers, and avoids hindrance in the process. Bildy prepares a comprehensive site and risk management document. The document specifies the detailed strategy for preparing & managing the site during the home building process.



Bildy takes care of all of it and delivers a perfect house for you”


Construction is a physical process of activities such as site clearance, landscaping, and erection of the building. The contractor along with the site supervisor typically performs the construction work. Bildy understands the pre-requisites, needs, and challenges of a construction site. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we develop a detailed strategy and construction drawings for the home building process .