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A Duplex Home is one kind of a residential building, primarily constructed on two floors. A duplex has a common central wall separating two floors and consists of two individual living units and separate entries on each floor. While there are two floors in duplex houses, both the floors are a single entity and are usually sold together and owned by a single individual. It can have separate entry points for each floor, depending upon your requirements .

A duplex home can be categorized as a two-storied structure but a two-storied house may not be categorized as a duplex house. While types of duplex houses are many, in duplex house design, the floors are connected through a staircase, while two-storied properties may be independent of each other and may or may not be connected.

Things to know

While building a Duplex Home

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Landscaping in the front yard is particularly important for softening the hard edges of sizeable residential buildings such as duplexes. Like the Duplex Home building design itself, the landscaping for either side of the duplex should serve to emphasize the differences between the two units, and not be made to look like mirror images.


Staircase Positioning

Position of the staircase becomes a vital aspect when it comes to building a duplex home . Based on your need and aesthetics, one needs to fix the position of the staircase of the house; inwards or outwards. Staircase positioning can also play a major role in aesthetics and utilization of maximum dead spaces.


Ways of building Duplex homes

A duplex house can be modeled in two ways: floor-wise and side-wise construction. In a floor-wise duplex, a staircase is used to connect the two units of the house, whereas a side-wise duplex shall have two separate entries and looks more like two different houses clubbed in one. Our expert team helps you choose the best option by considering your design and orientation preference.

Is a duplex home right for you?

While building a Duplex Home for you.

More space accommodation in Duplex home

You can build a single duplex home equivalent to building two separate homes on different properties to reduce the cost of construction. A Duplex House is a suitable option for a big-sized family, who can explore creative design options for accommodating a big family or a group of friends .

Customize your rooms preference

A duplex house gives you an opportunity to choose whether to construct a 2bhk or a 3bhk home. Bildy helps you build a lavish duplex home by designing the rooms in a way to maximize interior room space. We listen to your requirements and advise you if a duplex home is right for you or not.

Extra Rental Income

Duplex houses can provide healthy rental returns because you can rent out one section of your property to tenants at any time. In such cases then, the entrance can be separated and a common wall can divide the large home into two parts Duplex Home.

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