Home should be an escape from the stress we face from day to day. Home should feel like an oasis where you can be at peace and recharge. Hence, it becomes important to be thoughtful while designing the space. A few mindful practices can easily change the energy of a space.
Let’s take a look at some suggestions that will help you create a positive environment in your home –
Ample Natural Light:
The easiest way to bring peace into any home is by incorporating natural light. Natural light helps increase productivity and improves mood. Having naturally lit spaces is far better than artificial lighting to create a calm and cozy environment. Place your furniture by the living room window or have a naturally lit work area to bring in the sense of peace in your home environment.
Adding nature:
A great way to create a peaceful environment at home is by bringing the outdoors inside. Using house plants is becoming common in Australia because greenery has a positive impact on the human mind. Another way to add nature to enhance your home environment is using natural textures. They keep the tranquillity of space intact. Using earthy textures as wall finished or for flooring has a calming effect. Decor items made of rustic materials can also be layered together.
Calming color palettes:
It is a well known fact that colors play a vital role in impacting the human mood. While some have a calming effect, some might be a lot to look at. Lighter shades and warm neutrals are the go-to for designers to create a sense of peace in any space. Going bold with colors might sometimes have adverse effects. In such cases, you can go for painting a singular wall or adding pops of color through furniture and decor items.
Messy desks, table tops, and closets can deter the peace of any home. To have a peaceful and soothing environment, the human mind should be visually free of chaos. Organizing is key to conquering the clutter conundrum. Use innovative storage options that also add to the aesthetics of a room. Covered baskets, drawers, and jars can be a viable solution.
Balance is key:
Having some kind of order in the interiors results in a calm and comforting space. Overstuffing rooms with decor items or using loud colors all-around may take away from the peace. Symmetry also helps in easing the mind. Planning a symmetrical layout or using repetition in decor items are some of the easiest ways to have a calming effect.


A peaceful home environment can be different for different people. While designing, one should think of what the word ‘peace’ means to them. It can be a cozy nook by the window or a minimalist space without clutter.

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